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Why Your Arizona Home Needs Inverter AC Technology

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Did you know that HVAC systems are the biggest energy users in homes across the US? The average usage for both AC and heating is around 47% of a home’s total energy consumption. We’d argue that amount might be even higher here in Arizona where you rely on your air conditioner throughout much of the year.

That’s why it can really pay to invest in a high-efficiency AC system. You may have heard about inverter technology but may not know exactly how these systems work. Let’s go over the benefits. For any of your needs or questions regarding HVAC in Glendale, we’re the team to call.

What is an inverter air conditioner?

To help explain what inverter technology is, let’s start out by explaining basic, standard air conditioners. Standard AC systems only run at two settings: they’re either on or off. When they’re on, they run at 100% power to cool down your home. 

This is the type of system found in most homes. You’ve probably never thought about any other option because it’s likely the only type of AC you’ve ever encountered. Although these systems are common, they’re far from the only option for your home.

An inverter air conditioner is an air conditioner with variable cooling speed. It has a compressor unit that provides a more accurate approach to cooling by allowing it to shift into different “gears” based on the conditions in your home. 

The cooling that you receive with an inverter air conditioner provides the right cooling based on your room’s temperature and size rather than just blasting cold air at 100% power all of the time.

There are multiple options when it comes to this technology.

  • Two-stage inverter air conditioners (also called dual-speed AC) have two run settings, 100% and 60%. At 60%, the AC uses less energy and will usually kick in when the AC can sense that a lower power level is appropriate.
  • Variable-speed air conditioners are the most advanced AC systems with the ability to vary the speed at which they run by as little as 25%. It’ll modulate the speed at which it runs throughout the day.

Benefits of AC inverter technology:

  • Cost savings: Inverter air conditioners will save money on utilities because they run at lower speeds. Sometimes your home doesn’t need 100% cooling power and an inverter AC can smartly determine which lower speed to run at.
  • Quieter operation: They’re often praised for their quieter operation compared to standard AC units.
  • Fast cooling: Inverter air conditioners even cool down your home faster because they use more power on startup, starting off strong, then slowing down as the thermostat approaches the set temperature.
  • A greener option: Anything that uses less power is naturally a more eco-friendly option.

No matter what type of inverter AC you choose, it’ll help you maximize your AC efficiency in your Arizona home.

Contact the team at AZ Perfect Comfort for HVAC services in Glendale, AZ and Feel the Comfort You’ve Been Missing.

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