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Uncommon AC Repairs You Should Know About


Given how much you use their air conditioners in Glendale, AZ, as a homeowner, you’ve undoubtedly seen the full gamut of things that can go wrong. Some of the most air conditioning repairs you may have needed at one time or another include frozen evaporator coils, refrigerant leaks, and weak airflow. 

But what are some of the more unusual repairs that don’t happen quite as often? From rodent infestations to an outdoor cabinet that starts sinking into the ground, let’s go over some AC issues that homeowners are luckily less likely to face. That way, you’ll know what to look for. 

One Mini Split Isn’t Cooling

A ductless mini split system provides amazing cooling power and zone control–that is, until one of the units stops working. If the unit won’t turn on at all, the first thing to do is to replace the batteries on the remote control to see if that fixes the problem. 

If the unit turns on but is experiencing other issues like a lack of cold air or reduced airflow, there are a few possible culprits. Each one of your mini split units has a blower fan and a refrigerant coil. It’s possible that your blower fan motor can burn out or experience an electrical problem. 

Each unit connects to the outdoor unit via a series of conduits that are behind the walls of your home. The conduits include refrigerant lines, power lines, and condensate drains. Any one of these lines can incur damage with the result being that a single mini split head stops working.

The Outdoor Unit Is Sinking

When your AC system was installed, the outdoor unit was placed on a concrete or stone slab. That’s because this part (called the condenser unit) needs a level, stable foundation in order to work properly. 

But just as homes settle and foundations shift, that concrete slab is also susceptible to movement over time. Without a stable base, an air conditioner won’t be able to work properly. Water can infiltrate the interior parts, parts inside can wear down faster and even break without proper alignment, and refrigerant lines can incur damage. 

Water Damage

Water damage doesn’t seem like something an air conditioner should incur, but it does happen due to a few different scenarios. The usual culprit behind water damage is the condensate line which is how excess moisture is drained out of your home. This line is narrow and susceptible to clogs, especially if you’ve skipped an annual tune-up or two.

A blocked condensate line can cause water to leak from your AC. You’ll notice an accumulation around the drain pan at the base of the unit. Water leaks can also cause mold and mildew growth that can spread throughout your AC system. If your home smells musty or moldy, or if you notice mold anywhere in your home, it needs to be addressed immediately.

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