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A ductless mini split may be the answer!

Ductless air conditioning is a legitimate option that may be more suitable than traditional whole-building air conditioning systems in specific circumstances. However, keep in mind that ductless systems are intended for spot-cooling/heating only – they are not a cost-effective option for cooling an entire building. Ductless air conditioning may also be more suitable than traditional air conditioning in certain situations where running duct work is not feasible. Ductless units are normally interior, wall-hung units with an outdoor partner unit linked with refrigerant piping. They are similar in concept to window A/C units but operate much more quietly and efficiently due to more advanced technological design. Additionally, interior ductless systems do not block off a window Most duct work is the conventional type, which is installed either in the attic space. Sometimes, there just isn’t the space to install this kind of behind-the-scenes equipment. In such circumstances, ductless air conditioning may be a good solution. One of our trained Comfort Consultants can survey your home or office and discuss the best options for your unique building design.easelpicture

Here are some of the benefits:

• The units can be installed on an individual basis from room to room, offering the ability to cool or heat each room as desired and thereby saving energy. One feasible application includes office areas where individual needs come into play from one area of the building to another. Other great applications would include sun rooms, casitas, and converted garages.
• Normally the installation of a ductless system is not as intrusive as a standard ducted unit. This varies, however, with each unique home design.
• Today’s ductless units are often remote-controlled, allowing you to adjust the temperature from anywhere within eyesight of the unit.
• Ductless systems have been installed for years without much trouble.

AZ Perfect Comfort does indeed sell, install, and service both types of system (traditional and ductless). A home survey performed by one of our trained Comfort Consultants is recommended to determine which system will best fit your needs.


John and Robin McCombs are the proud owners and operators of AZ Perfect Comfort

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Preventive maintenance… is it really worth it in the long run? A question that most homeowners, landlords, and business owners alike contemplate when looking to hire an HVAC contractor. The answer? 

It’s all about location!  I am more than sure you have heard those words before and typically in context with a store front business and or signage and advertising.

It’s all about location!  I am more than sure you have heard those words before and typically in context with a store front business and or signage and advertising. I want to talk to you about a location of a component 98% of us have no control over and yet what an impact it can make on your Air Conditioning systems efficiency and health.

Your thermostat!

It’s all about location!  I am more than sure you have heard those words before and typically in context with a store front business and or signage and advertising.

Do you remember your first car?  If you were a new driver in the 1980’s it could have been the classic Ford Pinto, or the AMC Gremlin maybe?

Remember those days you may have had to put a screwdriver down the butterfly of the carburetor so fuel would roll through and the car would start?

Your checklist to having a great year with your heating and cooling system.

As we turn to a new year it’s important that you have a plan to achieve your 2017 goals. That attitude should apply to everything from the important day-to-day routine, to the seemingly insignificant aspects of your life. One part of your life that may not be at the forefront is your heating and cooling system. While your heating and cooling system is a vital part of your day-to-day life, the consistency of a well working heating and cooling unit can often be taken for granted, and thus forgotten about.

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