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Why You Should Replace Your AC in Winter in Arizona


Have you ever had to make a decision on an AC repair when your air conditioner broke down during a summer heatwave? It’s never a good feeling when you need to immediately approve a costly repair out of desperation to get your AC working again.

Now, imagine that feeling, only it’s for an AC replacement when temperatures are in the triple digits. That’s a decision no homeowner in Phoenix, AZ should ever have to make quickly and without any forethought or planning! 

That’s one of the main reasons why replacing your air conditioning in the off-season is an idea that might seem strange at first, but that really makes sense the more you think about it. For homeowners who know their AC system is unlikely to make it through another scorching-hot summer, here are some advantages to replacing your AC in the winter.

The Perks Of AC Replacement in Winter

As we mentioned, the biggest advantage of off-season AC replacement is that you have plenty of time to research and choose a new system. You may decide that you want to switch from a different system to another kind. 

Schedule a consultation with our team. Talk to us about your budget, household makeup, your long-term plans for your home, and whether you work from home or at another location. We’ll recommend a system for you that’ll outperform your outdated air conditioner. 

Winter is also a season when we’re not doing a lot of AC installations. You’ll be able to choose a time to schedule the replacement when it’s convenient for you. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about an AC breakdown next summer. Your new AC will be ready to go when the warm weather arrives.

What Are the Signs My AC Is Due for Replacement?

You’ve seen the many advantages of replacing your AC in the off-season. So how do you know when it’s actually time to replace your system? Here are some strong indicators that your AC is past its prime.

  • The age of the system: Central air conditioners and heat pumps have a life expectancy of 10-15 years. During this age range, an AC can sharply decline in performance. You may have had an expensive repair or two. 
  • Decreased home comfort: Arizona’s weather is challenging. How has your AC responded to these challenges? If your home simply isn’t comfortable or you’re overpaying for utilities, it doesn’t make much sense to keep an outdated system that’s not doing its job well.
  • Increased utility bills: Are your utility bills steadily increasing with no correlation in usage? Does it seem like you have to run your AC for longer to get the same results you had previously? This is a strong sign that your AC needs to be replaced soon. 
  • Frequency of repairs: Does it seem like your AC needs frequent repairs despite receiving regular maintenance? When repair costs seem to be piling up, you’re much better off investing that money in a new system.

Contact the team at AZ Perfect Comfort for AC replacement in Phoenix, AZ and Feel the Comfort You’ve Been Missing.

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