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Zone Control Systems in Phoenix, AZ

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Given how much you use your air conditioner in Phoenix, AZ, you need a way to customize your comfort. A zone control system provides the ability to modify your temperature differently throughout your living spaces compared to just a central HVAC system. The result is the ultimate ability to customize which rooms or zones in your home receive conditioned air, which will reduce your energy consumption.

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At AZ Perfect Comfort Heating & Cooling, we excel at providing personalized solutions to your home comfort problems. We take the time to go over your options for systems that’ll increase your comfort while decreasing the cost of utilities.

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How a Zone Control System Works

A zone control system uses electronically controlled dampers inserted at strategic points in the ductwork system. These coordinate with the air handler and your thermostat to divide your HVAC system into individual zones. When you adjust the thermostat for one area of your home, the system uses the relevant damper to control the airflow. It’s as easy as that.

Benefits of Zone Heating and Cooling

The main benefit of zone heating and cooling is the ability to change the temperature in just one area of your home. Not only will this eliminate arguments over control of the thermostat in your household, but it’ll also reduce your energy use and utility bills. Rely on us for professional zone control installation.

Troubleshooting Your Zone Control System

Although these systems are built to last, eventually you’ll find yourself in need of zone control repair and zone control maintenance. Contact AZ Perfect Comfort Heating & Cooling for professional assistance with your Phoenix, AZ zone control system.

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