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Unusual AC Smells? Here’s What They Could Be

Usually, changes in cycles and unusual AC sounds indicate repair needs. But there are times when your air conditioner operates just fine with no unusual sounds, and there are still problems. That’s why we highlighted a few unusual smells that can indicate air conditioner problems.

When you are aware of the various signs that can indicate your air conditioner has an issue, you can address that issue sooner and prevent further hazards. Keep reading to learn more about three unusual air conditioner smells, what they mean, and what our team can do to combat them. Then give our team a call to schedule your HVAC service in Phoenix.

Musty or Damp Odors

Air coming out of vents around your home should never have any kind of odor. Absolutely any smell coming out of your vents should be concerning. Musty or damp odors are especially concerning because they can point to mold growth. 

If your air conditioner is not adequately removing humidity from the air, some of that moisture may get trapped inside the system. Mold thrives in damp, dark environments. The inside of your HVAC system is dark, and adding moisture creates the perfect conditions for mold. 

As mold spreads inside of your system, it can mix back in with clean air and blow out into your home, producing that signature musty, damp odor. If you suspect mold growth, it’s important to schedule service right away to get the infestation under control.

Burning Smell

If the air coming from vents around your home smells burnt, there’s a chance that something inside of your air conditioner is overheating. This could be an electrical problem or a problem with components overworking or grinding together. No matter what the problem is, a burning odor should be taken very seriously. 

In fact, you should turn off your air conditioner and leave it off until our team has an opportunity to check out the problem. Electrical issues are especially concerning and need to be handled with care. Allowing your air conditioner to operate and continue producing a burning odor can create hazards for your home and family.

Dusty Odors

It’s also possible that the air coming from your vents smells dusty. You may not think of this as big of a deal, but it can point toward dirty ductwork. If the inside of your HVAC system is dirty, it’s greatly lowering your indoor air quality. 

This can make it more likely that you get sick or suffer from allergy symptoms. After all, many kinds of germs, bacteria, and viruses cling to dust particles and can then re-circulate again and again through your home.

Don’t waste your time with the run-around. Give the AZ Perfect Comfort team a call to schedule your appointment for AC service and let us do it right the first time!

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